Pros and Cons of Pre-Cast Concrete Piling

Posted on 15th February 2019 Under Blog

Here at Rhino Piling, we like to make sure that our clients know everything they need to know before a final decision is made. After all, the type of piling approach may be chosen by the experts who have years of training and experience to reply on, but it is important that the clients are not alienated by all the specialist terminology that is being used. Read on as we go through a few pros and cons of pre-cast concrete piling…


Cost-Effective: Since these types of piles are pre-cast, the cost of manufacturing is much more affordable as they tend to be manufactured in bulk. As a result, purchasing concrete piles is thought to be more cost-effective as they are cheaper than other alternatives on the market; however, this often depends on the type of reinforcements that are used.

Dependability: When concrete piling is kept in place using reinforcements, the piles are very unlikely to be disturbed and this means that it is a dependable piling solution. After all, the point of investing in piling is to secure a structure which means that a dependable material is very important.

Quality: Pre-cast concrete piles are a very popular solution because they are highly resistant to both biological and chemical interactions that can take place in the soil. In fact, this also speaks to their quality as an underwater pile as water can contain more sulphates than the soil, so it is important that the pre-cast concrete does not set under these conditions.


Expert Equipment: Pre-set concrete piles are extremely heavy which means that expert equipment is required in order to transport it to the building site and aid the workers during construction. As a result, any piling company offering this piling method should have specialist equipment at their disposal to get the job done correctly.

Not Adaptable: Although pre-cast concrete piles are a dependable piling material, they are not as adaptable as cast-in-situ concrete piles. This is because the length of the pile cannot be alternated on demand if it turns out that it is too short or long for the application required. In addition to this, a pile that is too long during driving is uneconomical to cut as it will result in a lot of wasted material.

Fragile: Whilst specialist equipment is required to transport and handle pre-cast concrete piles, the workers have to be extremely carful as careless actions can actually break them, putting the company out of pocket in order to replace them. This means that they are a much more fragile piling material choice in comparison to something as rigid as steel and is why they are often reinforced using steel.

As one of the strongest materials in the piling industry, pre-cast concrete piles can be used for a variety of different applications like bridges and high-rise buildings. Interestingly, these types of piles are often reinforced with steel in order to ensure that they can adequately support the weight of a structure. To find out whether pre-cast concrete piles could be suitable for your property, get in contact with the best experts in Piling Manchester has to offer and speak to a member of the Rhino Piling team today!