How to Prepare a Property for Building Foundations

Posted on 18th March 2019 Under Blog

Stabilising a property is an extremely important part of construction. After all, without strong foundations, a building is susceptible to expensive and dangerous problems in the future, such as subsidence. Here at Rhino Piling, we understand how important it is for clients to stay up to date on the progression of a piling project on their property, and that is why we work closely with our customers from the very beginning. Read on as we go through a few things that are essential to prepare a property for the installation of foundations or piles…

  1. Wear the Right Clothing

Carrying out building foundations like piling is extremely delicate work, especially if it is based in an existing build, and this means that it is important to watch what you wear. In fact, everybody from builders to visitors must comply with the safety regulations in order to prevent accidents from occurring and reduce the number of hazards. By doing this, the likelihood of a project setback can be greatly reduced.

  1. Talk to the Contractor

As a client, it is normal to feel overwhelmed by all the expert terminology and jargon that the contractors use and that is why we prioritise regular contact here at Rhino Piling. After all, building up a good rapport with a client is just as important as a client building up a good rapport with us. By asking questions prior to project commencement, every member of a piling team will be on the same page at all times.

  1. Survey the Site

Before a foundations project such as piling is carried out, it is important that the site is inspected by a member of the construction team in order to ensure that there are no areas of concern. After all, poor soil quality may mean that extra planning has to be carried out or that a project has to be delayed. This is important because the soil plays an important role in a piling project and determines whether the completed structure will be strong enough to support the building.

When it comes to building foundations, the Rhino Piling team are the experts you want on your side. After all, every aspect of a project is managed in-house in order to ensure that nothing is lost in translation, including calculations, site inspections and the final paperwork. To find out more information about preparing a property for project commencement, get in contact with the best experts in piling Manchester has to offer and speak to a member of the Rhino Piling team today!