Pre-cast concrete and heavy steel wall piles are our specialty. We cover all of the North West, North East and the Midlands, we do all the structural calculations for your piles, we will also install the ground beams and arrange for the concrete to be delivered and poured.

Bottom Driven Piling

The installation of a bottom driven pile is quick, efficient, economical and ecological. The pile consists of a steel tube, closed at the driving end, and is driven into the existing ground by forcing the ground aside which produces no spoil to be removed from site. The pile tubes are manufactured in lengths from 1m up to 3m to cater for piling in restricted headroom sites.
Pile sizes range from 150mm to 323mm with capacities from 100kN to 580kN. Bottom driven piling is the piling system of choice when access is restricted and the piles need to be installed to carry high loads. Due to the ergonomic design of this piling rig, we can be ready to install piles within half an hour of our arrival on site and as we are a national company distance is not an issue.

Advantages of bottom driven piles are:
• Inexpensive to mobilize and far less intrusive than full sized piling equipment
• Small, but powerful, highly mobile piling equipment
• An economical and ecological piling system
• Low noise and low vibration impact on the environment
• No spoil to be removed (a particular advantage on brownfield sites where contamination may be an issue).
• Minimal site preparation - usually no piling mat is required
• Piles become self-testing when they are driven to a pre-determined set
• Piles can be installed in the most challenging ground conditions, including peats, soft clays and loose sands where other piling techniques are unsuitable.
• Restricted access can easily be overcome

Top Driven Pre-Cast Concrete Piles

Precast concrete piles are suitable for a wide range of ground conditions and are typically more economically advantageous than other piling systems as there is no spoil to dispose of and higher strength concrete allows for a smaller pile in comparison to an equivalent bored pile. High strength concrete piles have high chemical resistance and are not affected by the presence of ground water. Precast concrete piles are an efficient form of piling, generating no spoil for costly disposal, using high quality materials and allowing for immediate follow on work. Piles come in lengths of 3, 4, 5 & 6 meters’.