Upon discovering any defective work, please supply full details to the company secretary: Rhino Piling Ltd, whose registered office is 53 Foxhall Road, Denton, Manchester,M34 3GD (hereinafter called the Guarantor) hereby guarantee the strengthened foundations carried out in the above contract will remain stable for a period of Ten Years from the date of completion of installation, subject to the terms and conditions given below. If instability continues, the guarantor, on the production of this guarantee, will arrange to inspect the strengthening and remedy such failures as regards all workmanship, free of charge, provided the cost of repairs does not exceed the payment received under the original contract.

Terms and Conditions

Access must be allowed to the guarantor and/or its agents to the premises to inspect any reported defects. All relevant information is to be supplied in writing. If access is refused within 7 days of contact for a claim, the guarantee will be deemed void.

The maximum liability under the guarantee is valid for one claim only and shall not exceed payment. Upon one claim being made against the guarantee, the guarantee is then deemed void. Repair works undertaken due to a claim on the guarantee will not be subject to any form of guarantee.

Guarantee is non-transferrable under any circumstance and will only be valid for the homeowner the works were done for.

The guarantee does not cover:

1. The cost of replacement of piles or foundations due to other structures being superimposed unless specifically approved by the guarantor.

2. Radioactive contamination, nuclear explosion, war and other kindred risks.

3. Damage cause by deep subterranean movement, landslides, failure of retaining walls, variation of load distribution, works performed outside the boundaries of the property, damage caused by mine galleries, old foreign matters and the effects of tree roots and shrinkable clay.

4. Any failure caused by an act of interference, lack of maintenance or any other cause beyond the control of the guarantor, which causes the installation to fail, shall not be covered by this guarantee

5. Damage to services, utilities or anything impacted by the installation of the strengthened foundation, it is the responsibility of the homeowner/contractor to identify and relocate any anomaly’s in the ground that may be affected by the strengthened foundations.

The guarantor reserves the right to charge for his services in inspecting the property and for any works carried out subsequent to such inspection in those circumstances.
Any defects of work provided by Rhino Piling LTD must be investigated and proven at others expense.

This guarantee shall only apply to those works specified and carried out by the Guarantor in accordance with said Contract. The guarantor assumes no responsibility for any defects in the superstructure.

Guarantee can be rectified at any point without prior notice and claims will be subject to the terms of the newest version of the guarantee.

Failure to adhere to any of the above terms and conditions will result in the guarantee being void.

All claims subject to latest terms of guarantee which can be found at the below address:

Live updated guarantee can be found here