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Augering and Piling in Stalybridge, Tameside

Piling Tameside

One of our most recent contracts took us to Tameside where we performed piling on a property that also required augering, as there was a tree positioned near the footing of the new structure.

Rather than driving the piles into the ground, augering allowed us to drill a hole, slightly larger than the pile itself so we could simply drop the pile to its depth and fill in the concrete later on.

Because of the limited space at the property’s back garden, we had to access the location through an alleyway, it was impossible for us to use a 3-tonne digger: the machine of choice for augering. This time, we had to use a specialy designed auger rig that could fit through the alleyway and could also drill a hole large enough to fit the structural piles.

With the holes augured, they were now ready for us to insert the piles. Clay board is first fitted on the footing. This clay board will disintegrate after the concrete has been poured and has set. Once it has deteriorated, it will leave a 110mm void between the concrete and the earth which will prevent any heave in the future.

Clay master is also fitted to stop the concrete finding its way under the clay board when poured.

This job in particular took us around 4 days to complete. The first day was dedicated to augering; the second day the piles were driven into the holes, and on day three we installed the cage, the claymaster and the clay board before pouring in the concrete.