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Repairing Existing Foundations In Salford

Underpinning Salford

We were recently called out to a site in Salford where an extension had run into some problems. A building inspector had discovered that the existing foundations were unacceptable for further construction, so the home owners had to call us in order to assess the situation ourselves, and make adequate corrections so further building work could be given the green light.

The building inspector and a structural engineer had both inspected the small space where the construction work was to take place and agreed that the foundations were unsafe. The structural engineer put together a pile plan and specifications of exactly what the building needed in order for the structure to be given the support it needed.

The building in question was an HMO (Houses in Multiple Occupancy) and had tenants set to move in to the property the following week. In times where people may be left without a roof over their heads, we work closely with the main contractor so that the job specifications can be met as soon as possible, avoiding any potential residents being forced to find alterative accommodation.

To turnaround the job in time and allow the tenants to move in on the date stated by the owner, we had to work quickly. The owner of the HMO was on holiday at the time but was confident enough in our trusted reputation to have the entire workload finished in the specified time. We kept the owner updated regularly via email as and when appropriate, so they knew exactly where work was up to at all times.

Alongside the main contractor the work was organised and completed within the time restraints, leaving all parties involved extremely satisfied with the results. The client was so happy with the work that they hired us for another job.

Nurturing trusted relationships with our clients is important to us and we look forward to our ongoing business relationship.