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Underpinning Stockport

Underpinning Stockport

Rhino Piling was recently contacted regarding a property in Stockport which had obvious signs of subsidence; the property showed cracks appearing in various places on a bay window as well as the brickwork on the corner of the property, where the subsidence was taking place, was tilting noticeably.

In this case the house itself was built on a solid foundation, however the bay window was built as part of an extension on foundations that were not deep enough to effectively support the weight of the structure.

Rhino Piling were called in to visit the site after the homeowner had already had a trial hole excavated and a chartered building surveyor performed a report on the subsidence. Originally, the recommendation was to do a traditional mass fill underpin but this was to be completed by a general builder and would offer no reassurance it would correct the problem and could even cause further problems down the line, having financial repercussions later on.

Underpinning Contractors in Stockport

Rhino Piling offered a piled underpin solution which comes with a 10 year guarantee, although slightly more expensive it was of the upmost importance to the client that the work was carried out by Rhino Piling for specific reasons; they were planning on living in the property for a number of years and wanted a solution they knew would work first time and it was also important to the client that when they do come to sell the property in the future, they have the paperwork showing structural calculations, pile depths and also the ten year guarantee giving any potential buyers the sound knowledge that the work had been carried out professionally.

The areas to be underpinned were dug out the day prior to Rhino Piling arriving on site. Once the ground was excavated, our team installed 2 x 150mm diameter piles under each corner of the bay window and then linked the two piles together using a steel fabricated cage.

The ground underneath the bay window required piling driven to six metres to reach the secure bedrock underneath. Upon Rhino Piling installing the piles and steel fabricated cages, concrete was delivered to site the same afternoon where it was cast straight away and the job completed in a single day.