Construction Sites Most Suited for Mini Piling

Piling is the method of installing deep foundations for construction projects by inserting long, vertical supports – piles – into the earth below the structure or site.  These piles support the weight of the structure by resting on firmer earth deep below the surface, bypassing the loose dirt on top which is more susceptible to washing away, becoming waterlogged, or shifting out of place over time. Mini piling works in a similar way but is completed with shorter piles that can be more easily inserted and installed at odd angles, if necessary, mini piles are often reinforced with concrete.

Mini piling has a unique list of advantages and disadvantages compared to traditional piling. Some sites and projects are unsuitable for mini piling while others are absolutely perfect to take advantage of the benefits of mini piling without any of the downfalls. Here we’ll take a glance at the types of construction projects perfect for mini piling solutions.

Pre-existing structure

Mini piling is excellent for reinforcing, repairing, or replacing the foundations already installed under an existing property or structure! This is due to their slimmer and shorter size making them much easier to insert without affecting the existing load bearing.

Remote location

Is your site difficult to access or requires a long journey to reach? Mini piles are easier to load and transport and use less fuel in transit for a lower carbon footprint and some economic savings along the way! The more awkward your location is to reach, the more you’ll be aided by opting for mini piles over full-sized!

Lack of space

As above, mini piles are much easier to transport to and install in sites with little to no headroom or restricted manoeuvring space. Working in confined sites makes installing traditional piles very difficult and taxing on logistics. Mini piles are perfect for small spaces!

Awkward terrain

As you may have guessed, alongside confined spaces and remote sites, mini piles are well-suited for uneven or rough terrain that requires piling done at odd angles or in uneven layers of earth! Mini piles are perfect for reinforcing structures from multiple angles to ensure the weight bears equally.

Mini piling could be perfect for your project! Here at Rhino Piling we start every piling project with a full on-site evaluation, so you know you’re getting the perfect piling solutions for your specific needs! Get in touch today to see how we can help.