How Piling is used in Bridge Construction

There are many different types of bridges across the world that are designed to suit a specific purpose, such as bridges built for pedestrians, bridges that allow cars to travel over water or other existing traffic, and even bridges that connect countries together. It is vital that the design and planning phase of construction takes the purpose of a bridge into consideration as this will often influence the way that it is constructed, particularly when it comes to the weight bearing properties of the bridge. Read on as we explain the role that piling plays in the construction of bridges…

Piling is a deep foundational method that involves driving large supports into the ground where they are supported by strong, robust soil rather than the flimsy, soft soil the surface. This results in a stronger, more stable and longer lasting final structure which is why piles are commonly used in the construction of bridges. After all, some bridges are extremely large which means that they need to be supported properly and this all starts with a high-quality foundation.

When it comes to building bridges however, it is vital that the location is taken into consideration as a bridge that is located over water will require underwater supports as well as piling. There are a handful of different options that can be utilised in these situations depending on the specific needs of a project. For example, battered piles are driven at an angle and made according to the depth of the water whereas cofferdam piles look more like a sheet and are fitted together to create a chamber called a cofferdam that is watertight once the water is pumped out.

For bridges that are constructed on land, the piling process is quite similar to that of traditional commercial piling with a few exceptions. After all, the points at which piling foundations are utilised have to be carefully planned out in order to account for the size, shape and purpose of the bridge itself so that it can be deemed structurally sound upon completion.

It is safe to say that a bridge is an amazing feat of structural engineering and design as it takes a lot of planning to build something that isn’t flat on the ground. To find out how piling foundations can be applied to your project, get in contact with the best piling in Manchester and speak to a member of the Rhino Piling team today!