Issues Caused by Bad Piling

Piling is the process of installing vertical supports or ‘piles’ within the deep foundations of structures and construction projects. Piling is done to reinforce the foundational material, ensure sturdy and static foundations, and transfer the weight to a sturdier level of earth or redistribute it throughout the soil. High quality piling can ensure that your foundations remain strong and stable for years to come, while a bad job can cause endless problems for your structure! 

Concrete or Steel Casing Deterioration

Badly fitted piles can be far more susceptible to damage and erosion, either on concrete piles, or on the steel casing used to guide their installation. Steel casing can be damaged through forceful insertion if obstructions are not tackled properly, while concrete piles which aren’t properly installed are vulnerable to shifting earth or water eroding away at them until their stability is compromised.

Excessive Water Surrounding Piles

If piles are installed incorrectly, they are likely to shift in place, leaving gaps which allow groundwater to run alongside and around the piles. Groundwater can be incredibly damaging for piles in a number of ways. Water can erode concrete and wooden piles and, if enough oxygen is present in the upper layers of earth, can accelerate corrosion and oxidation of steel. Running groundwater can also wash away the earth around or underneath your piles, which can dangerously reduce their weight bearing capacity.

Warping or Cracks Due to Subsidence

Subsidence is the part or all of a structure begins to sink due to faulty or missing foundations. Subsidence can be disastrous to a building, and usually occurs unevenly across the structure. This can result in the walls or floors of the building warping out of shape and, in extreme cases, external walls can even crack due to the pressure. Subsidence can be caused by a number of factors and can be a death sentence for buildings if a dedicated effort is not made to rectify the faults through underpinning and reinforcing the foundations.

Don’t get stuck with a bad piling job! Inadequate piling can cause endless issues for your construction project and can continue causing problems long into your structure’s life. Luckily, at Rhino Piling, we have over a century of collective experience amongst our expert team, so you know you’re receiving industry expertise and top quality service!