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Mini-Piling Manchester

The foundational solution that it utilised within a project often depends on the type of structure that is being built, the specifications of the project, the conditions of the surrounding soil and the budget of the client. Mini-piling is a type of deep foundation that uses piles with a narrower diameter than those found in traditional piling and tends to be the go-to approach for sites with restricted headroom or more challenging conditions that make regular piling unsuitable.

Our team of experts carry out an on-site evaluation prior to the commencement of every piling project in order to determine the most efficient and economical approach, and this is often where a recommendation for mini-piling will be proposed. There are many different scenarios where mini-piling may be deemed appropriate, such as:

  • Restricted headroom
  • Securing the foundation of an existing build
  • Low-vibration installation

There are many reasons why mini-piling makes a worthwhile investment and is considered to be a worthy alternative to traditional piling as it can be installed in a non-disruptive manner because it doesn’t create a lot of noise, can be implemented in order to suit a range of different budgets, and is even considered to be eco-friendly by offering a reduced carbon footprint and a more sustainable manufacturing process.

The foundation is the most important aspect of any building as it provides stability that should last a lifetime, and this is why it is crucial that you consult industry experts such as ourselves. The team here at Rhino Piling are fully equipped to deal with all your piling queries, no matter how big or small, and we have over 100 years collective experience in the construction and piling industry. To find out more information about our mini-piling service, get in contact with a member of the Rhino Piling team today!