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Mini Piling Morecambe

Piling is a method of installing strong foundations for a home or other type of structure. Piling involves driving, drilling, or boring piles into the ground. The main principle is that the weight of the structure won’t rest on the topsoil, which tends to be soft and pliable. Soft earth can call subsidence, where a building begins to tip or tilt due to moving foundations. This can cause the building to sink, warp, or even crack! To avoid this, piles driven deep into the earth bear the weight of the building, bypassing the soft layers of topsoil to rest on much firmer earth or even a layer of rock found deeper underground.

Mini piling is, as you might guess, using much smaller piles in place of full-size ones. This yields a range of benefits compared with using traditional piles. These benefits include:

Easier to use in awkward sites

Mini piles are easier to transport and install, making them much better suited for any awkward sites.  More remote regions like mountainous areas would benefit from mini piling so you don’t need to slug full-sized piles to such altitudes! Sites with little room to manoeuvre also benefit from mini piles and their easier application.

Great for underpinning

Underpinning is the process of reinforcing foundations by increasing their depth, adding an additional layer of concrete or other foundation material. Mini piles are perfect for supporting underpinning projects or being used to reinforce existing foundations that may have weakened over time!

Green projects

Due to their smaller size, mini piles are more environmentally friendly to manufacture and transport, making them perfect for projects that aim to keep a low carbon footprint! You can reduce carbon emissions at every step of the piling process: production, transportation, and installation, by opting for mini piles over traditional ones.

Rhino Piling has over one hundred years’ worth of experience collectively amongst our team. We have expertise in all types of piling and are ready to take on jobs of all sizes, from huge industrial constructions to smaller domestic piling projects! For the best mini piling Morecambe has to offer, drop Rhino Piling a line today!