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Every foundation is different which means that the piling industry has adapted in order to accommodate the specific requirements of certain projects and take certain situations into consideration. Mini-piling is the go-to residential method for existing foundations that need to be reinforced and resupported as the process allows work to be carried out safely and securely where headroom may be restricted or extensive damage has already taken place.

In the majority of cases, mini-piles are made from concrete; the piles have a narrower diameter than traditional piles and are installed by first driving a steel casing into the ground, pouring the grout inside and allowing it to cure. Their smaller size makes them easier to manufacture, transport and install which can help reduce the length and cost of a project considerably, and this can be music to the ears of our residential clients.

It is important to remember that the signs of foundational distress should never be ignored as a residential foundation is often easier and cheaper to stabilise when the problem is dealt with sooner rather than later. We recommend that you inspect your property regularly in order to look out for tell-signs of subsidence, such as:

  • Crinkling Wallpaper
  • Warping Door and Window Frames
  • Diagonal Cracks in the Brickwork

Subsidence occurs when the soil that supports the foundation of your property becomes displaced and puts the overall stability of the structure at risk, causing it to move on a downwards slope. Working on existing foundations in these circumstances can be difficult which is why mini piling is preferred because it offers the same amount of stability as traditional piling and the rigs are significantly smaller and therefore more adapted to operating in conditions where headroom is restricted.

Here at Rhino Piling, our team has over 100 years combined experience in the piling industry and we are committed to the installation of both high-quality and stable foundations. If your residential property is showing signs of foundational distress, get in contact with our mini piling Chester experts and discuss your options today!