The Top 3 Causes of Foundational Problems

A foundation could be considered the most important aspect of an entire structure as it is the part that gives a building its stability and longevity. If a foundation is compromised for any reason then the structure on top of it will be compromised too and this can display itself in a variety of different ways, the most serious result being subsidence. A deep foundation is often thought to be invincible because the problems associated with surface soil displacement cannot affect their stability, however there are other factors that can lead to foundational problems too. Read on as we go over the top three…

  1. Poor Drainage

A foundation is often damaged by soil that puts unnecessary pressure on the supports. Overtime, this will lead to movement and displacement. The biggest issue that we come across is poor drainage as this can lead to oversaturation of the soil which will cause it to swell and create an unstable foundation. In the majority of cases, foundational problems that are caused by poor drainage can manifest as short downspouts, clogged gutters and even a simple lack of waterproofing.

  1. Weather

Another way in which the soil can have an effect on the foundation of a property is via the influence of the weather. Both hot and dry conditions can lead to soil shrinkage around a foundation which can create instability, however this type of displacement will rarely affect piling approaches because they are a type of deep foundation. With this said, poorly designed and installed foundations and shallow foundations in particular are incredibly vulnerable to damage caused by the weather because soil shrinkage can create gaps that the foundation may settle into.

  1. Lack of Ground Preparation

Regardless of whether or not a foundation is deep or shallow, it is vital that the soil is prepared prior to the commencement of any work. In fact, an on-site evaluation serves to identify any concerns with the soil in order to ensure that the ground can be adequately prepared and provide a foundation with ultimate stability from the get-go. If this preparation step is skipped then it is possible that the foundation may begin to settle as the weight of the building starts to compact the soil, and this can cause numerous secondary problems.

When it comes to a compromised foundation, there is no time to waste contemplating your options as the stability of your property is at serious risk and delaying the process could lead to the development of subsidence. Here at Rhino Piling, we are equipped with the expertise to construct a brand-new foundation from scratch and also reinforce an existing foundation that has been compromised by any of the above. To speak to a member of the team about your property, get in contact with the best piling company on the market today.