Types of Pile Installation

Piling – the method of installing vertical poles to provide foundational support for the construction of a building or structure – has been used for thousands of years throughout human history. Since prehistoric times humans have used wooden stilts to support their homes and storage buildings. But in the modern-day we have developed many more methods and techniques for piling and now use a much wider range of materials that were available to prehistoric societies, including concrete and steel! We now even have mini piling for more awkward piling sites or reinforcing existing foundations. Let’s take a look at the methods available to us now:

Screw Piling

As the name might suggest, screw piles are shaped like a helix and are physically screwed into the ground as one would screw into wood or plaster. Screw piling has the benefits of displacing less earth as the shape is more ergonomic and fit for purpose. Screw piles also have the extra surface area provided by the screw shape itself, rather than being a simple pole. Screw piles are usually steel.

Drive Piling

Drive piling involves forcibly driving the piles into the ground, usually done with a specific machine known as a pile driver. The pile driver works by using hydraulics to lift up a heavy weight which it then uses as a hammer to drive the pile into the ground, like hammering a nail into a wooden board. Driven piles can be made from steel, concrete, or wood!

Bored Piling

Bored piles tend to fall asleep on the job. Just kidding! Bored piling refers to the process of boring a hole in the ground before installing the piles. This means you won’t displace much earth as you can remove it in advance. Pile boring is often combined with cast in-situ concrete piles as this combination compliments itself well. The hole will first be drilled into the ground before a metal casing is inserted and filled with liquid concrete! When it sets, your piles are finished.

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