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Augering and Piling Solution in Cheadle Hulme, Stockport

Piling Stockport

We were recently in Stockport to undertake a job for a local building project where a creative piling solution was required due to a nearby tree.

Tree roots can cause all sorts of problem when it comes to building extensions, but they can also be useful in regulating the water levels in the clay underground. Therefore, it is important that creative solutions are implemented to avoid having the tree removed.

With the footings already excavated, we were informed by the building inspector that due to the tree being so close to the footings, we would have to install protections in place to prevent the tree roots from causing problems in the future.

To protect the footing

s without having to have the tree removed, Rhino Piling took the following action:

  1. We pre-augered the piles using specialised machinery. The machinery used is wholly dependent on the type of access to the site. The machinery bores a hole that is slightly larger than the pile that we will be installing.
  2. With the piles driven to set we built the steel cages, so they were ready to be installed in the footing.
  3. Organised for the building inspector and the concrete to arrive on the same day as we needed to install perishable materials that would disintegrate in the rain.
  4. We installed the perishable materials around the piles and in the bottom and sides of the footing on the day the building inspector came to view the work.
  5. After this we installed the cages and tied them all together and to the piles to secure everything.
  6. The building inspector checks everything is in order and gives the go ahead for the concrete to be poured.
  7. The concrete is poured as soon as the building inspector gives the all clear.

The reason perishable material was installed around the piles and underneath the steel ground beam was so that it would disintegrate and create a void around the pile.

With a tree being positioned so close to the extension, protection was necessary as the tree will take moisture out of the ground and change the soil conditions as the seasons change. This can cause heave – the upward movement of the ground due to the expansion of the clay as it absorbs water.

With a void created around the piles the ground can move freely around the foundation without causing it to move.