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Mini-Piling Stockport

No matter the reason for piling, Rhino Piling is the perfect choice for builders and residents in Stockport and surrounding areas such as Bramhall and Marple.

Based right around the corner in Hyde, we provide Stockport customers with the quickest and most flexible site visit appointments, fastest turnaround times and most personal customer service. All of this helps make SK our most in-demand postcode.

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A large piled foundation that has been shuttered in Bramhall, Stockport

Recent Stockport Piling Projects

A piled foundation that has been shuttered in Marple, Stockport
On this domestic extension project, the builder shuttered the trenches in order to protect a neighbour’s freshwater drain.
Home Extension in Marple

It’s not pretty, but this is common. On this single-storey, wrap-around home extension in Marple, protecting a neighbour’s freshwater drain was vital, so we carefully positioned the piles and advised the builder on shuttering.

A large piled foundation that has been shuttered in Bramhall, Stockport
We know the ground in this area of Bramhall well, having completed multiple piling projects on this road.
New-build House in Bramhall

This large new house on Roundway in Bramhall is one of a handful we’ve piled in the area. Working to our own piling layout, we completed most of the foundation with our calves submerged in water.

A large piled foundation in Stockport Centre.
On this large wrap-around project we had to hand-auger six piles in order to protect a neighbouring property’s foundation.
Wrap-Around in Stockport Centre

We committed two piling teams to this large wrap-around extension in Stockport town centre and completed the foundation in just nine working days. We had to hand-auger some of the piles to protect an adjacent house.

Stockport Piling Video

This brief video showcasing a recent project in Stockport town centre provides an overview of the three key stages of piling.

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Simply complete the form, and one of our estimating team will be in touch. Please include as much information as possible to help us provide you with an accurate estimate. If you have any architectural or structural drawings available, please attach them to the form by clicking ‘Browse Files’.

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    Why You Might Need Piling in Stockport

    Choosing the right foundation for your project is crucial, and it depends on various factors like the type of structure, project specifications, soil conditions, and your budget. Mini-piling, a type of deep foundation, offers a unique approach. It uses piles with a narrower diameter and load capacity compared to traditional piling. It’s a technique commonly applied in new home construction, home and commercial extensions, and underpinning projects.

    Here are some situations where mini-piling can be the ideal choice:

    1. Restricted Access: When your construction site has limited access points, mini-piling can come to the rescue.
    2. Protecting Existing Foundations: Mini-piling is excellent for securing and fortifying the foundations of existing structures.
    3. Low-Vibration Installation: If you need to minimize vibrations during foundation work, mini-piling is a smart solution.
    4. Heave Protection: Mini-piling can be used to prevent soil heaving issues.

    Sometimes, building control officers recommend piling when poor ground conditions are discovered during construction. That’s where we step in. At Rhino Piling, our experts conduct free on-site surveys before starting any piling project. This ensures that we propose the most efficient and cost-effective approach for your needs.

    Our dedicated team at Rhino Piling has a wealth of experience in the construction and piling industry. If you want to learn more about our mini-piling services, don’t hesitate to reach out to a member of our friendly Rhino Piling team today.

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