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The Rhino Piling team are the foundational experts on your side. We have over 100 years combined experience in the piling and construction industry and our services cover everything from traditional piling and groundworks to mini piling and underpinning. Whatever the problem, we’re here to help!

Everybody knows that traditional piling is the go-to method for deep foundations, however it isn’t always suitable for residential projects where headroom may be restricted or when nearby existing foundations could be compromised from the vibrations. Mini piling is considered a foundational solution in its own right and is able to offer the same level of stability to a structure as traditional piling because both approaches are implemented in the exact same way and use a piling rig in order to drive the piles deep into the ground.

In fact, the main difference that separates the two is that mini-piling piles are manufactured with a smaller diameter which makes them easier to transport and install during residential projects where special circumstances may need to be taken into consideration. Due to this adaptation, mini-piling can be successfully implemented where headroom is restricted in situations where the bulky side of traditional piling just wouldn’t be suitable. Another characteristic of mini piling that makes it so effective is the smaller size of a mini-piling rig which allows foundational work to be carried out on existing foundations where the rig may need to be taken inside the building.

There are several different types of mini piling that piling experts can choose from, such as:

  • Sectional Auger
  • Open Hole Auger
  • Drill Bar Pile
  • Top Driven Steel/ Precast
  • Contiguous Piled Wall

Mini piling is a legitimate foundational solution that is able to provide the same level of stability as traditional piling because mini piles create multiple points of strength in order to support a foundation from the get-go. This means that the weight of a structure is spread equally across the entire foundation for the ultimate reinforcement. If you think your residential foundation may benefit from mini piling in Leeds, get in contact with the experts at Rhino Piling today.