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Piling Crewe

The foundation of a property is often considered to be the most important aspect as the structure above gets its strength and stability from the foundational approach that has been applied below. There are two different types of foundations: shallow and deep. The former transfers the weight of a property to the soil near the surface whereas the latter reinforces this weight to the more robust soil located deep within the earth in order to create multiple points of strength. A few examples of deep foundations include piling, mini-piling and groundworks.

Piling is carried out through the installation of large supports known as piles which are driven into the ground using specialist machinery. The piles are typically made from materials like timber, concrete or steel and traditional piles can reach up to 40 metres in length which often makes them unsuitable for residential use. This is where a recommendation for mini-piling may be proposed.

As a foundational solution in its own right, mini piling has been adapted with specialist projects in mind in order to take restricted headroom access and any nearby existing foundations into consideration. The piles themselves also have a smaller diameter which makes them lighter and therefore easier to transport and install.

There are many benefits of investing in mini piles, such as:

  • Low-vibration installation
  • Access to existing foundations where headroom many be limited
  • Mini-piling is versatile and there are many different approaches

As the foundational experts on your side, the team here at Rhino Piling are fully equipped with the knowledge and experience to secure an existing foundation using mini piling. We do this by using mini piling rigs which are significantly smaller and can be taken inside buildings in order to work in smaller spaces that would otherwise create difficulties during a project.

Contrary to belief, mini piling is able to provide the same level of stability and support as traditional piling as both approaches create multiple points of strength that reinforce the weight of the structure above. To find out how mini piling Crewe could help you, get in contact with a member of the Rhino Piling team today.