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Piling Yorkshire

There are many different ways to construct and secure a foundation depending on the needs and requirements of each individual project. Here at Rhino Piling, our team has over 100 years combined experience in the piling and construction industry and we recognise the importance of an on-site evaluation prior to the commencement of any work. This initial stage in the piling process allows us to take the condition of the soil, the type of soil and any nearby existing foundations into consideration in order to determine the most suitable piling approach. In fact, this is where a recommendation for mini-piling may be proposed.

Mini-piling is a foundational approach in it’s own right that can be utilised in specialist circumstances in order to secure and reinforce the foundation of an existing build or in situations where there may be restricted headroom. This is because the piles themselves have a smaller diameter than traditional piles which makes them lighter and easier to transport on the building site. Known as a residential method, a mini-piling rig is also significantly smaller than a traditional piling rig which can be particularly useful when working on indoor projects such as these.

There are a variety of different mini-piling methods available on the market that can be utilised as per the needs of a particular project, such as:

  • Sectional Auger
  • Open Hole Auger
  • Top Driven Steel/ Precast
  • Contiguous Piled Wall
  • Drill Bar Pile

An investment in mini-piling can also provide a homeowner with several benefits as this foundational solution is able to offer the same strength and vigor as traditional piling for a fraction of the cost and materials. As the most popular residential approach on the market, there’s very little that mini-piling cannot accomplish.

Our team is familiar with the piling approach in its entirety and will be able to approve a recommendation for the service upon the completion of a standard inspection. If you’re in the marketing for mini-piling Yorkshire then get in contact with the experts at Rhino Piling today to discuss your project in further detail.