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Mini-Piling Huddersfield

There are two different foundational applications that can be used in order to secure the base of a structure, known respectively as shallow foundations and deep foundations. In the majority of cases, a shallow foundation will be utilised where the weight of the property is low in relation to the bearing capacity of the soil, however this method lacks longevity and is also susceptible to problems like subsidence later on down the line.

Here at Rhino Piling, we specialise in the application of a deep foundational solution known as piling that can be adapted for both commercial and residential application. Whilst certain projects call for the rigor of traditional piling, mini-piling is a suitable alternative for foundational work that needs to be carried out inside existing-builds or where there is a severe lack of headroom all thanks to the smaller diameter of the piles. This characteristic makes them lighter and therefore easier to transport and drive into the ground, however the method itself does not compromise the stability of the completed project as a foundation reinforced using mini-piles is able to bear the same load as traditional piling. The process and the machinery have simply been adapted for more complex projects, as mini-piling rigs are also significantly less bulky.

There are many different methods that can be utilised within mini-piling foundations depending on the direction of a project, such as:

  • Open Hole Auger
  • Sectional Auger
  • Contiguous Piled Wall
  • Top Driven Steel/ Precast
  • Drill Bar Pile

Although it may sound like a less-effective solution, there is very little that mini-piling can accomplish. After all, both new and existing foundational projects can be tackled with ease as the piles offer the same standard of strength as traditional piles despite being significantly smaller.

If mini piling sounds like the answer to all your foundational worries and woes, we may be able to help! The Rhino Piling team are more than happy to conduct an on-site evaluation of your property in order to ascertain its foundational requirements and determine whether mini piling Huddersfield may be appropriate. Get in contact to find out more information today!