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A full on-site evaluation should be carried out at the start of any foundational project as it is important to ascertain the type of soil that is present, the condition of the soil and the impact that the work itself may have on any nearby existing foundations. Forgoing this step will only result in a poor-quality foundation that lacks the stability to support any structure that is mounted above it, particularly when it comes to piling which relies on the weight of a property being equally distributed.

Whilst traditional piling is a popular foundational solution for new builds and serves to provide long-term stability and support, it is often unsuitable for existing build projects due to the sheer size of the piles and the equipment that is required. In these situations, the construction team may recommend an investment in mini-piling instead! Following the same principles as traditional piling, mini-piles are noted for their smaller diameter which makes them easier to transport and drive into the ground. In fact, there are many benefits of investing in mini-piling foundations, such as:

  • Residential Application: Mini-piling is suitable for residential projects and can be used to reinforce the foundation of an existing build and prevent the development of subsidence. This is due to the diameter of the piles and the smaller size of a mini-piling rig.
  • Low Vibration Installation: The installation of mini-piles creates very little vibrations within the soil which means that it can be implemented within a close proximity to existing foundations without their stability being compromised.
  • Different Types/Methods: There is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to mini-piling, and contractors have the option to choose from a variety of different methods depending on the needs of a particular project. This includes sectional auger, open hole auger, contiguous piled wall, drill bar pile and top driven steel/precast mini-piling.

Many people are unaware that mini-piling is a foundational solution in its own right. This means that it has the strength and ability to support and uphold a property in the exact same way as traditional piling, however the approach has simply been modified in order to allow it to be utilised in existing builds or projects with restricted headroom. To find out more information about mini-piling Birmingham, get in contact with a member of the Rhino Piling team today.