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Mini Piling


Mini Piling

Mini piling is a method of creating a foundation for any type of structure in a ground condition no matter how unsuitable, using different methods such as screwing or driving the piles into the ground and then filling them with concrete in order to form piles.


Here at Rhino Piling we offer a full range of piling solutions, we are based in Manchester and offer our piling services to the whole of the North West of England.

The required depth and diameter of the piles is calculated by our structural engineer and are determined by the ground conditions and access issues.

We can deal with the whole process of piling from initial advice through to design and installation. We have a number of piling rigs which can form piles in even the most unsuitable ground conditions and with the most complicated access issued.

Why use Mini Piling?

Minimal Disruption

Mini piling causing minimum noise and disruption and therefore can be used in existing buildings.

Cost Effective

Mini piling is a highly cost-effective solution and saves money and time over traditional deep trench foundation solutions.

Environmentally friendly

Mini piling creates absolutely zero waste as soil is displaced and not removed any offcuts of steel are removed from site and re-used when possible, if not they are recycled.

Access restrictions

Mini piling can be used in places with access restrictions such as down tight ginnels and inside of houses within low headroom

The 3 Stages of Piling

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