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Mini Piling Doncaster

Piling has been around for thousands of years! Piling is the process of installing piles underneath a construction to secure and reinforce the foundations. Piles are long, vertical supports which sit under the structure and bear the weight, either through transferring it to the surrounding earth through friction (friction piles) or through bypassing the upper, looser layers of earth to rest on a layer of firmer earth or rock deep underground (end-bearing piles). Mini piling – sometimes known as micro piling – is, as you may get from the name, using smaller piles to perform the same job.

Mini piling has a bunch of advantages compared to full-sized piles and can be used in a wider range of applications. The upsides of mini piling include cheaper production, easier installation, and a smaller carbon footprint! Let’s take a quick look at a summary of these benefits:

  • Cheaper to manufacture, transport, and install

Because they are physically smaller, mini piles require less material to create and are therefore cheaper to manufacture than traditional piles. Their small size also makes them easier to transport to site and to install.

  • They are perfect for underpinning and repair

Mini piles are perfectly suited for underpinning – the process of adding more foundation material underneath existing foundations – and the repair or reinforcement of existing foundations.

  • Produce less sound and vibrations

Mini piles are far better suited for use in residential areas or for urban construction because they produce far less sound and lower vibrations during installation! This means fewer complaints, less noise pollution, and happier locals during your works.

  • Great for difficult sites

Because of their size, mini piles are easier to both transport to and install in awkward or difficult sites. Whether it is a remote construction in a rough terrain or just an installation with little room to manoeuvre, mini piles can be perfect for this application! To deal with uneven terrain mini piles can be installed at irregular angles much more easily than full-sized piles and their smaller size makes them easier to deal with in restricted sites.

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