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Piling Hull

There is no doubt that traditional piling is often the go-to method for deep foundational projects, however these piles are unmistakably large and the process cannot be adapted for projects that require a unique solution. With over 100 years experience in construction and piling under our belts, the Rhino Piling team conduct a full on-site survey prior to the commencement of any piling project as we need to assess the condition of the soil, the type of structure that is being constructed and the amount of space there is to work with in order to determine the most suitable type of piling approach.

Mini-piling is an alternative method that is typically utilised in situations where traditional piling has been deemed unsuitable, and makes use of piles with a small diameter. Contrary to belief, this characteristic doesn’t affect the strength, stability or safety of the foundation in any way, shape or form. There are a wide range of benefits that can be obtained from an investment in mini-piling foundations, such as:

  • Restricted Headroom Access: Mini-piling rigs are significantly smaller which means that they can be utilised inside existing build or in situations where the headroom is heavily restricted.
  • Variety of Different Methods: There is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to mini-piling and contractors can choose from a selection of different methods including sectional auger, open hole auger, contiguous piled wall, drill bar pile and top driven steel/precast mini-piling.
  • Low Vibrations: Due to their smaller size, mini-piling rigs do not create as much disruption in the soil as traditional piling rigs which means that they can be used safely within a close proximity to existing foundations.

The foundation of a property is said to be the most crucial aspect and the part of the building process that should be paid the most attention to. After all, a foundation provides stability and structural integrity for the future. Mini-piling can reinforce an existing foundation that is struggling or even be utilised as the main approach for a new-build.

To find out whether mini-piling is the foundational approach you’ve been looking for, get in contact with the best mini-piling Hull has to offer and speak to a member of the Rhino Piling team today!