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Mini-Piling North Wales

Piling is a type of deep foundational solution that involves the installation of supports known as ‘piles’ that are typically made from materials like timber, concrete and steel. The choice of material is often decided once a full on-site evaluation has been conducted by a trained specialist in order to ascertain the requirements and expectations of a particular project, as some may be more suited to concrete whereas others call for steel instead.

There are many other aspects that an evaluation may review as part of the initial stages of a piling project, such as:

  • The type of soil
  • The condition of the soil, e.g, is it susceptible to movement from moisture?
  • The size and scale of the project itself

Whilst traditional piling is the go-to method for most deep foundations, the piles are often incredibly large and the bulky machinery used to drive them into the ground aren’t always suitable for certain projects, such as those being conducted in order to reinforce the foundation of an existing build. As a result, alternative methods have been devised.

Mini-piling is a foundational solution in its own right that makes use of piles with a smaller diameter in order to be used in specialist projects, such as where headroom may be restricted. Often characterised as a residential method, mini-piling is able to provide the same strength and stability as traditional piles despite their scaled-down design as the methods are implemented in the exact same way. This means that mini-piles allow the load of a structure to be shared equally across multiple points of strength in order to reinforce longevity.

Here at Rhino Piling, we are fully equipped with the expertise to recommend and install mini-piling foundations. A member of our team will always conduct a full on-site evaluation in order to obtain a full understanding of your project’s needs and determine a suitable time-frame and budget.

To discuss whether mini piling North Wales may be a suitable foundational approach for your project, get in contact with the mini piling experts at Rhino Piling today!