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Piling Rochdale

Piling is the traditional and long-standing method of building deep foundations for construction. Piling has been around for much of human history, with the oldest piled settlements dating back thousands of years! The process of piling involves installing long stilts or columns into the earth for your construction to be  built upon. This allows the weight of the building to be supported by firmer, stronger earth below the loose dirt on the surface, providing strong foundations for large projects. Piles can be made from wood, concrete, and steel, and can come as individual piles or as sheets to implant into the ground. Piles can be reinforced with concrete or set on rock layers for even stronger foundations.

Mini piling is newer than its traditional counterpart, but is a well-established practice nonetheless! Mini piling uses smaller piles that can be more easily manufactured and transported, lowering costs involved with the project and reducing your construction’s carbon footprint. Due to their smaller size mini piles can also be installed at odd angles or in places with very little room to manoeuvre, and are perfect for remote, difficult to reach sites or construction taking place on rough uneven terrain.

Mini piling is generally more versatile and adaptable than full-sized piling and is applicable to a wider range of projects! Some constructions simply require the brute strength of traditional piles, like huge industrial buildings or residential skyscrapers, but these projects won’t usually be found in places that specifically benefit from mini piling.

If your project can be found on this list, you could definitely benefit from considering mini piling over traditional full-sized piling for your foundations!

  • Remote sites
  • Difficult terrains
  • Sites with restricted space
  • Pre-existing buildings with piles that need replacement or reinforcement
  • Projects where cutting carbon emissions is paramount
  • Any project looking to make economic savings

Here at Rhino Piling we have over a hundred years’ collective experience between our team, so you know you’re getting absolute expertise on all your piling needs. We start every potential project with a full evaluation at your site, so we can guarantee the correct product and service for your needs. For mini piling services in Rochdale or nationwide, get in touch today to see what we can do for you!