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Mini Piling Lancaster

Mini piling is an alternative to traditional piling which utilises smaller piles with a narrower diameter. Mini piling offers a range of benefits when compared to traditional piling, and mini piling is the ideal solution for some more awkward construction sites. The smaller size of the piles can have a profound effect on the cost and ease of the construction, and can make your piling project more eco-friendly too! If you’re interested in hiring our mini piling services in Lancaster, check out our summary below of the excellent benefits this may have for your project.

Faster and Less Invasive

Mini piles are significantly slimmer than traditional piles, meaning their installation can be smoother, easier, and less disruptive to the project’s surroundings! Slimmer piles means less force is required to drive the pile into the earth. It also means less invasive installation which won’t disrupt the earth and cause shifting, resulting in lower noise pollution and lower risk of damaging utilities. This makes mini piling perfect for cities and urban areas!

Cheaper and More Eco-Friendly

Slimmer piles doesn’t just mean easier installation! Slimmer piles require fewer materials to create, meaning they’re cheaper than their traditional counterparts. But that’s not all! Mini piles require less force to transport and install, lowering costs even further and reducing the carbon footprint of your project.

Easier and More Versatile

Mini piling is not just a cosmetic option or a matter of personal preference, it’s sometimes the only suitable solution for some projects! The smaller size of mini piles makes them easier to transport to more remote or difficult to access sites, while also being easier to install in restricted access sites. For projects that include piling in restricted spaces or areas with low headroom, or for underpinning to reinforce existing deep foundation piles, min piling is the ideal solution!

If you’re looking for the best mini piling Lancaster has to offer, look no further! At Rhino Piling, our expert team has over a century’s worth of experience amongst us, meaning we have the specialist expertise required to offer bespoke advice and consultation on your project. We begin every new enquiry with a full on-site evaluation, so you have nothing to lose! What are you waiting for? Get in touch with Rhino Piling today.