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Mini Piling Preston

With over a century worth of experience in piling and construction, Rhino Piling has all the expertise you need to complete your piling project. We conduct a comprehensive on-site evaluation before the initiation of any construction project, so you know our advice and service is tailored specifically to your needs! Our staff are fully qualified to handle anything your construction requires.
Mini piling is a method of installing deep foundations in a minimally invasive way. This technique was invented in Italy after WWII to help re-secure the foundations of the innumerable buildings damaged during the war. Mini piles are, as the name suggests, miniature versions of full-sized piles. They offer some unique benefits!

Relatively cheap

Due to their smaller size, mini piles are less labour intensive to manufacture and transport, saving you extra costs for your project. Installation is also cheaper to arrange because of the much lower weight you have to work with.


Mini piles being smaller doesn’t just reduce the cost of manufacturing, it also makes them much easier to install on difficult terrains or remote sites! Mini piles can be installed at the ideal angle for your deep foundations, making them perfect for construction on slopes and inclines. Mini piles are also more effective than traditional piles in areas with high levels of seismic activity.

Perfect for reinforcing existing foundations

True to the story of their invention, mini piles are most well-suited to reinforcing existing structures. Whether damaged by the horrors of warfare or merely eroded under decades of British weather, mini piling is the perfect solution to old or damaged foundations that need reinforcing to guarantee longevity of the structure.
Although it may sound counter productive to have smaller foundational supports fitted, there is little that mini piles can’t do! Reaching depths of up to 200ft and bearing weight of up to 200 tons, with mini piles you needn’t worry about the quality and security of your deep foundations.

Get in touch with Rhino Piling today to see if mini piles are suitable for your construction project. We will conduct a full on-site evaluation to offer you complete peace of mind. For the best mini piling Preston has to offer, contact the team today!