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Piling Nottingham

Piling is a type of deep foundation that involves the installation of support beams known as piles which are driven into the ground using a pile driver. This helps reinforce the weight of a structure to the strong and more robust soil located deep within the earth and bypasses the weaker soil on the surface in order to create multiple points of strength. Mini piling is an alternative approach that is applied using the exact same process, but has been adapted in order to accommodate projects where headroom may be restricted or there may be existing foundations located nearby.

Essentially, mini piles are manufactured with a smaller diameter than traditional piles and this makes them easier to transport and install into the ground. As such, they are perfect for working on residential properties where an existing foundation may need to be reinforced or the development of subsidence needs to be halted. Despite these alterations, mini piling is still a foundational solution in its own right and has the strength and ability to stabilize the structure above it in the same way as traditional piles. After all, mini piles can extend to an impressive depth of 30m to 50m!

There are a number of benefits of investing in mini piling foundations, such as:

  • It’s ability to be utilised residentially and in situations where headroom may be limited
  • The smaller size of mini piling rigs reduces noise pollution and the vibrations in the soil which can protect nearby foundations
  • There are number of different mini piling approaches to choose from, such as Sectional Auger, Open Hole Auger, Drill Bar Pile, Top Driven Steel/ Precast and Contiguous Piled Wall

Mini piling is often recommended following the completion of a full on-site evaluation in accordance with the findings of the surveyors. After all, it is important to take the condition of the soil and any relevant specifications of the project into consideration prior to the commencement of any work. The Rhino Piling team has over 100 years combined experience in construction and piling which means that we are the experts on your side when it comes to foundational worries and woes! To discuss the specifics of mini piling in further detail, get in contact with a member of the team today.