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Piling is a type of deep foundational solution that involves the installation of supporting beams known as piles. They are driven into the ground using specialist machinery in order to bypass the weaker soil near the surface in favour of the stronger and more robust soil located deep within the earth. This provides stability to a foundation because it reduces the risk of foundational problems like subsidence, which is typically caused by the displacement of surface soil.

Traditional piles often extend to depths of up to 50 metres, however special circumstances like offshore projects allow the method to be adapted so that the piles can be driven down to a maximum depth of 150 metres. Due to these impressive depths, traditional piling is a popular foundational solution for large, heavy buildings like warehouses and tall structures such as office buildings or apartment blocks.

When it comes to residential projects, this well-known method has been adapted in order to take particular circumstances into consideration, such as restricted headroom access and carrying out foundational work within a close proximity to an existing foundation. Known as mini-piling, the piles that are driven into the ground during this method are manufactured with a smaller diameter which makes them lighter and easier to transport. As such, they are the perfect solution for residential foundations.

There are many benefits of opting for mini-piling, such as:

  • It is eco-friendly because fewer materials are needed in order to manufacture the piles.
  • A mini-piling rig is smaller and creates fewer vibrations which reduces the risk on nearby existing foundations.
  • There are a variety of different mini-piling approaches on offer such as Sectional Auger, Open Hole Auger, Top Driven Steel/ Precast, Contiguous Piled Wall and Drill Bar Pile.

If you’re in the market for a brand-new foundation then mini piling may be the residential solution you’ve been looking for. Adapted with special circumstances in mind, mini piling can be implemented where traditional piling cannot because the smaller diameter of the piles makes them easier to install where headroom may be restricted.

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