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Mini-Piling Wigan

It is quite common to opt for alternative approaches to traditional piling in circumstances where the former cannot provide the stability that is expected with deep foundational solutions. Mini-piling is a type of foundation in its own right with a concept and installation process that is almost identical to driven-piling, however the piles are narrower in diameter. Here at Rhino Piling, our team has a collective experience of over 100 years working within the construction and piling industry, yet we always make it a priority to carry out an on-site evaluation at the start of any project in order to determine the most suitable foundational approach.

This is typically where a recommendation for mini-piling may be proposed depending on the following factors:

  • The type of structure, e.g: residential property, large supermarket or a tall office building
  • The soil that surrounds the area, e.g: chalk, clay, peat, rock or loam
  • The condition of the soil, e.g: is it susceptible to moisture changes?
  • The specifications of the project, e.g: restricted headroom or existing-build projects

Mini-piling provides the same strength and durability as regular piling despite its use of narrower piles as the installation process is quite similar to traditional piling, and this is an aspect that we often reinforce to our clients who may benefit from this type of foundation. If your project is confined to an existing build where there is restricted space to work with, mini-piling rigs are perfect for the job due to their smaller design and less bulky stature and our team can transport and set them up in no-time!

Are you interested in mini-piling foundations? Get in contact with a member of the Rhino Piling team today and we’d be happy to discuss the specifications of your project at length and put together a proposal that meets your budget and time-frame accordingly.