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Mini-Piling Blackpool

With over 100 years experience in construction and piling, it is safe to say that the Rhino Piling team are more than qualified to handle the ups and downs of your piling project. We make it a priority to carry out an on-site evaluation in order to assess important specifications like the type of structure that is being constructed, the condition of the surrounding soil and the amount of space that there is to work with in order to determine which foundational solution may be most appropriate.

There are actually two different foundations that can be installed in order to stabilize a structure: shallow and deep. Here at Rhino Piling, we specialise in deep foundations like piling, underpinning and mini-piling which are often implemented as per the needs of each individual project. Mini-piling is a popular approach that makes use of piles with a narrower diameter than those found in traditional piling and involves driving steel casing into the soil and pouring grout into the framework provided. This is then allowed to cure which provides a stable foundation without the headache of a large-scale piling rig. There are actually a variety of different mini-piling techniques that can be utilised, such as:

  • Sectional Auger
  • Open Hole Auger
  • Top Driven Steel/ Precast
  • Contiguous Piled Wall
  • Drill Bar Pile

In most circumstances, mini-piling provides an effective solution to the problems presented by carrying out foundational work in an existing building. For example, it can be utilised on sites where headroom is restricted as mini-piling rigs are significantly smaller than traditional rigs, and the approach is often known for being incredibly budget friendly due to its relatively simple and sustainable installation process.

To find out whether your foundational worries and woes could be solved by mini-piling, get in contact with a member of the Rhino Piling team and ask about the best mini-piling Blackpool has to offer today! We’d be more than happy to talk you through the nitty gritty details of the industry.