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Mini Piling Leicester

Piling is a type of deep foundational solution that involves the installation of supports called piles. These are usually made from materials like timber, concrete, and steel. The choice of material is of decided based upon on the state of soil on the site among some other factors.

This is usually decided by a trained professional so they can analyse the correct requirements needed to provide a good job. This is because each job site is different and with different conditions, so they need to be able to take into account each one to make sure the job is done properly.

Most of the time traditional piling is the usual choice when it comes to a job like this. However sometimes due to the size of the piles and large machines needed to construct the piles, this isn’t always the best choice. Because of this there has been other ways created to help tackle this issue.

Mini Piling

Mini – piling is a solution that uses smaller piles that normal. Mini- piling is great when there is little room on the site for big machines and piles. For example, sites where headroom may be restricted or where access with large vehicles may be an issue. Mini piling is mainly used on a residential scale as most residential sites are best suited to this method. Despite the change in size, mini piling also provides the same strength and stability as the traditional piles, so you don’t need to worry about the safety of your property. This is because the methods are implemented in the exact same way. Which allows the piles to share the load of a structure equally across its multiple points of strength in order to reinforce longevity.

Here at Rhino Piling, we are fully equipped with the expertise to recommend ad install mini-piling foundations. With many years of experience, we can guarantee a high quality and extremely professional service to every customer.

If you think mini-piling Leicester may be something that is useful for you. Make sure to get in contact with our extremely experienced team today, to answer any questions you might have!