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Mini Piling Blackburn

Mini piling has some unique and significant benefits compared to regular, traditional piling. Full-sized piling is used to brace the foundations of a building with long, vertical splints placed in the ground. The ideal scenario is to get the bottom end of these long supports to rest on a surface of firm, dense earth. To achieve this, the piles are driven through the soft layers of dirt on the surface and through to the firmer layers below. Piles can be made from a range of materials, including:

  • Wood – wood is the material used for the oldest piles in the world! Wooden piles have been used to support structures and settlements for thousands of years, dating back to prehistory itself. Wood is versatile and cheap but prone to wear and erosion.
  • Concrete – concrete is the newest material on this list, and modern concrete is a marvel for its versatility in construction. Concrete can be used to construct the piles themselves, or to support wooden or metal piles and hold them in place.
  • Steel – steel is the strongest material you could make your piles from, and is used to support huge industrial factories and titanic skyscrapers housing many offices or homes. Steel piles are near indestructible, but do suffer from oxidation and erosion from groundwater.

Mini piling is similar to traditional piling, but it utilises smaller and more easily installed piles. Mini piles are cheaper to produce and to transport due to their smaller size and weight, while they’re also more suited to installation in more difficult conditions. Remote sites such as mountainous ones could benefit from mini piles so the carbon and economic cost of transport is lower. Sites with difficult terrains would also find it easier to install mini piles than full-sized! Mini piling can aid your construction project in a wide variety of different ways.

Here at Rhino Piling we boast a century of experience among our team! Every project brought to our expert team of specialists is first subject to an on-site evaluation to properly assess your individual needs. Think mini piling might be right for you? Get in touch today!