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Today, we completed the piled foundation for a single-storey wrap-around home extension in the Marple area of Stockport.

In order to propose the most efficient and economical piling scheme, our Technical Director Jonathan completed a free site visit and site survey report on 20th March, the site was then excavated by the builder over the next couple of weeks, and the piling team of Sam and Harry began piling on 4th April.

They drove 11 150mmø mini-piles to depths of around 6m and installed 25m of our new 500 x 350mm steel ring beam over the course of a couple of days, before the builder returned to shutter the trenches in order to protect neighbouring fresh water drains.

Sam and Harry then returned to site on the 11th April with RBS Concrete to pour, tamp and level 5 cubic metres of C35 to complete the piled foundation.

The residence was just 25 minutes from Rhino Piling HQ in Hyde, with the trip to the Marple area of Stockport taking us past the famous Hare & Hounds pub with breathtaking views of Manchester. More in this area, please!

See you on the next one!

As a piling contractor in Manchester, we’ve completed a lot of mini piling work on a variety of projects in the Marple and Bramhall areas of Stockport due to poor ground. It’s an area we know well! So whether you’re a piling veteran or you’ve never piled before, give us a call on 0161 706 0365 or drop us an email at to arrange a free site visit!

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