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Why Choose Rhino Piling?

By 05/04/2023June 28th, 2023No Comments

Piling is an ancient practice, carried out by human societies for thousands of years! This means that piling services are nothing new, and there are countless companies out there offering the service. So why should you choose Rhino Piling? Here at Rhino, we pride ourselves on offering an impeccable service and expertise and professionalism. If you’re considering hiring us to complete your piling project, check out this brief list of just a few of the many reasons you should choose Rhino Piling!

All The Expertise You Need

Rhino Piling’s team of specialised piling and construction experts has a collective century of experience and expertise between them. That’s right! Our team has over a hundred years’ worth of specialised industry experience, and we’re eager to bring that expertise to your project. Our structural engineers have decades of experience, making them fully equipped to tackle piling projects of all sizes!

Service Across The UK

Rhino Piling is a proud Manchester-based piling company which has slowly but surely spread across Greater Manchester, the North West, and the United Kingdom! Rhino now offers UK-wide services and can usually get you booked in within 24 hours! Our expert piling services are available in major UK cities such as:

  • Manchester
  • Birmingham
  • Leeds
  • Liverpool
  • Preston
  • Warrington
  • Wigan
  • York

A Range Of Piling Services

Rhino offers a comprehensive range of piling services to match the needs of every project!

Residential Piling

Our residential piling services are ideal for those looking to install piles for structures in urban or residential environments. Whether a property development under construction, a home suffering from subsidence, or eroding foundations needing reinforcement, our residential piling and underpinning services can help!

Commercial Piling

Rhino Piling’s commercial piling services are available for projects of any size. We tackle commercial piling on sites in a range of environments, from property developments to industrial sites and stone follies! Whether a new build requiring deep foundations or existing structures needing reinforcing through underpinning, our commercial piling services are flexible, timely, and driven by our expertise and specialised industry experience.

If you’re looking to complete a piling project, get in touch with the best piling Manchester has to offer today! Contact Rhino Piling to book your initial on-site evaluation.