Mini-Piling Required?

Rhino Piling encountered two rare cases of mini-piling for retaining walls this week. One was a 14-metre-long piled slab in Urmston containing x12 150mmø piles. It was required due to poor ground conditions and its close proximity to a brook at the back of the property.

The builder, who had never piled before, discovered us through Google and reached out of his own accord after observing the ground conditions and the adjacent unpiled terrace dropping in the exact location next door.

Difficult access

Access could’ve been tricky due to the footing being down a slippery slope at the back of the garden, but it was no problem for our ultra-portable Grundomat piling system. It would’ve been impossible for a larger piling rig to gain access. We started piling on Tuesday, June 20th, with the first piles hitting refusal at a depth of 4 to 6 metres. Unfortunately, a work-related injury caused a delay in our progress and threatened our completion date. However, we were able to make up for the lost time by doubling the size of our piling team the next day and successfully installing the 14m x 1400mm x 250mm cage. Finally, on Saturday, the 24th, we pumped, levelled and tamped 5.76 cubic metres of C35 concrete to complete the project.

Happy builder?

Overall, the builder was thrilled with our professionalism, communication, piling work and how we made up for lost time, commenting he would definitely use us again and highly recommend us.

As a piling contractor in Manchester, we’ve completed many mini-piling projects in the Urmston area. It’s a place we know well! So whether you’re a piling veteran or you’ve never piled before, call us on 0161 706 0365 or drop us an email at to arrange a free site visit!

A Rhino Piling site visit is for us to ensure our piling solution is the best, most cost-effective one for you. There’s no obligation to choose Rhino and no pushy sales process. Watch the video below to understand the piling process, how Rhino Piling operates and what it’s like working with us.

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