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Large Piling Extension In Oldham

Work continues with another job in Oldham this week, as a semi-detached property requires piling for a large extension on the back of the property.

Builders in Britain are constantly battling against a number of obstacles; time restraints, costs and even the weather can all influence the importance of a quick and effective work process.

As piling is the first step to building an extension on a house, ours is the first job that will be done on site. We are there to make sure the foundations are secure for building work to take place. Without us, all building work done will be built on loose soil, which could cause it to come serious subsidence problems in the future.

Piling needs to be in place before any more work can be done, it is important that our job is completed in good time whilst adhering to the high standards of quality our customers deserve.

This recent job in Oldham required a large system of piling to be set up for a spacious extension to be built on the rear of a semi-detached home. Day 1 of the project saw the installation of 8, 150mm piles. Most homes have limited access to the rear of the property, so the machinery we use has to be able to suit these demands. Our piling equipment is state-of-the-art, and it has to be, as driving piles requires a large amount of energy to reach it’s required depth from a relatively small machine.

On day 2 we used the morning to fit the cages that will provide the additional structural strength when the concrete is added. Once the piles are driven and the cages are in position, it is time to have the site checked by the building inspector to make sure everything is ready before concrete is poured.

On the afternoon of the second day, after being given the all-clear from the site inspector, the concrete was poured into the footing and left to dry. With the piling work in place and the concrete dry, then, and only then, can the bricklayers move onto site and start erecting the extension.