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Piling Extension Rochdale

  • Piling Extension Rochdale
  • Piling Extension Rochdale
  • Piling Extension Rochdale
  • Piling Extension Rochdale
  • Piling Extension Rochdale
  • Piling Extension Rochdale

The Rhino Piling team were recently called out to a domestic property in Rochdale where a side extension was to be constructed. Upon Rhino Piling performing a site visit we identified a number of issues, the first being there was a big difference in ground levels between the edge of the proposed extension and the land next to it and also that the footing had been dug to a depth of around 2 metres in places meaning the surrounding ground was slowly falling into the footing.

The homeowner was quite frustrated with the situation prior to Rhino Piling as they had been trying continuously to come up with a solution between their builder and building control to get the project back on track but was quite clearly struggling to progress through nobody’s fault.

It was quite clear from the outset that this would not be a straightforward piling project and would require more consideration such as retaining walls and suspended floor slabs. In order for this project to move forward we appointed a structural engineer on behalf of the homeowner.

Upon appointing a structural engineer and putting them in contact with building control the project began to move forward but due to the complex nature of the project a site visit was soon required as the project could not be advanced by phone calls and emails.

Rhino Piling organised and attended the site meeting on behalf of the homeowner with the structural engineer and building control, it was agreed on site which would be the best method to progress this project. The structural engineer then sent over the structural designs and calculations as agreed at the site meeting. This then allowed Rhino Piling to begin the piled foundation works as agreed.

On day one we installed all 11 x 150 mm diameter piles on site. This was followed up on the second day where we installed the prefabricated cages that we had made in our unit especially for this job.

Building control then came out to inspect the works completed by Rhino Piling was as agreed at our meeting and set out by the designs of the structural engineer. While this was done shuttering was installed by the builder due to the difference in ground levels.

Upon building control contacting Rhino Piling and letting us know that they were satisfied with the work carried out we organised concrete for the following day, which was installed by the Rhino Piling operatives.

As a retaining wall was to be built on part of the foundation and a suspended slab was to be installed as agreed at our meeting with the structural engineer and building control, we did a handover on site with the builder who was carrying on the project to bring them up to date with everything that was required to continue the project.

We also saw the homeowner at the same time who was very happy they could now continue with their extension and also left us a 5 star review on google reviews which said the following:

“We were having difficulties with satisfying building control with our building foundations. They suggested piling, so we called in Rhino Piling. They analysed the situation, produced all the necessary documentation and took over the communication with building control, satisfied all their requirements and completed the work including all required structural engineer reports/structural calculations within a 2-week time schedule. Excellent work, performed with 100% efficiency.”


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