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Fabrication of reinforced steel cages and the construction of cast in-situe concrete ground beams.

Ground Beams

Ground beams is the fabrication of steel to create cages which creates part of the foundation which ties in with our piling or underpinning solution, depending which method is required.

In addition to our piling solutions we offer a full steel fabrication package, all of our steel is fabricated to the structural engineer’s specification dependent on the project. By offering a steel fabrication service it allows Rhino Piling to take a project requiring piling or underpinning and offer a full solution from start to finish of the project.

Ground works services we offer

Supply & installation of pre fabricated steel work for any type of foundation

Preparation for slabs including aggregates, dpm, mesh & insulation

Installation of concrete for slabs & power floating

What are ground beams for?

Ground beams create the link between each pile that is installed tying it all together to give it an overall singular strength instead of multiple points of strength.

It also gives the required support for the block/brickwork above it that will be installed after concreting or in the case of underpinning it will give strength to the existing block/brickwork

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