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Underpinning is the method of transferring the load of a structure which is showing signs of subsidence or sinking.


The load of the structure is transferred to a new support installed in the ground, there are many different methods of underpinning and here at Rhino Piling we offer all types of underpinning. We are more than happy to assess any signs of subsidence or sinking on your property and advise you on the most efficient and cost effective underpinning solution for your case.

Underpinning is also used to create a void below an existing building, or to reinforce an existing building. In the latter example this may be used if you are taking out a supporting wall and need to give the pillars which will be holding the weight of the steel more strength to hold the steel and the load above it.

When is underpinning needed?

Weak Foundations

The original foundation is not strong enough to hold the property.

Ground Movement

The properties of the supporting soil have changed over time

Property Changes

The usage of the property has changed

External Implications

The construction of nearby properties such as excavation has affected the foundation of your property

Economical Aspect

It is more economical to repair the existing foundation than it is to build a new foundation

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