3 Reasons Why a Building Needs a Foundation

The ground that we walk on answers to nobody but nature and this means that our man-made buildings are constantly at risk of deterioration from forces that we cannot see, hear or control. As a result, it is vital that every structure, from residential flats to skyscrapers, is reinforced with a high-quality foundation. Read on as the experts at Rhino Piling go over 3 reasons why a building should always have a foundation in place…


The weight of a small house and a large skyscraper may differ considerably from one another; however, it is essential that their individual loads are supported by a foundation in order to provide stability to the overall structure of the building. After all, a lack of stability leaves a property vulnerable to damage over its lifespan and means that certain pressure points of a structure will have to bear more weight than others because the load is not spread equally.

Prevents Subsidence

The movement of soil is thought to be the number one cause of foundational issues in existing properties. In fact, poorly installed foundations can do just as much damage as a lack of foundations. Piles are installed deep within the earth which allows the weight of a structure to bypass the weak soil and reinforce it onto the harder, more robust soil that is found deep within the earth. As a result, movement or moisture changes to the soil directly underneath a property is less likely to cause subsidence, the gradual sinking of a property or structure.


There are buildings in the UK that were built hundreds of years ago and this means that a well-designed structure can last a lifetime with the very best team. With this said, the longevity guarantee of a building is only as good as its foundation because a lack of support will lead to early deterioration and this will, in turn, result in expensive and devastating consequences in the future.

Here at Rhino Piling, our team are trained to provide each and every customer with a service to remember. After all, a foundation should only be a once in a lifetime investment when it is done correctly and professionally. With this said, many of our projects involve the implementation of foundations to an existing building! To find out more information about the importance of a high-quality foundation, get in contact with the best piling in Manchester today!