A Brief Run Down of Piling

What is a pile foundation?

A pile foundation is a very deep foundation. The piles are made from steel, concrete, and timber. Pile length is four times its width. Piles are pretty much inside the ground; the main advantages of piling foundations are high load capacities and stable foundations. Some materials used in piling, like timber, have a disadvantage in acidic soils that can damage and erode the piles within the foundations.

Use of Pile Foundations

Pile foundations transfer loads from superstructures, they are also used if soil condition is very poor, and it is not possible to dig the soil to the required depth. Piling foundations is more economic than any other substitute.

The Types of Pile Foundations

There are three different types of piling foundations such as:

Driven pile foundations are made from concrete, steel, and timber.

Cast – in – situ piles are made from concrete only.

Driven and cast – in – situ piles are made from both of the pile foundations.

How are piles constructed?

Pile foundations have to be carefully made by workers. Firstly, an engineer will study the soil to see if a pile can be easily driven into it or not. Every pile will effect the soil around it so it is crucial that the soil must be in the correct state to continue with the construction. The engineer then make a group of the pile and cover them with a pile cap, which is very thick and made from concrete which handles a small group of the pile and functions as a base for the pile. The whole load is distributed on this column of the cap.

Advantages of Pile Foundations

  1. According to the specification you can pre order the piles.
  2. They can be installed in a very large area and installed in very long lengths.
  3. Piles can be used in places where drilling and holes are not done.
  4. The construction of piles is very neat and clean.

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