How to Stay Safe on a Piling Construction Site

When it comes to a practice as labour intensive as foundations, it is important that every worker on the construction site is aware of the basic safety protocols in place. After all, a lot of the machinery and equipment used in piling is heavy and can lead to a nasty injury if people fail to follow the rules. Here at Rhino Piling, we strive to provide a clean and concise service for all of our clients which is why every member of our team is fully aware of the safety measures that are implemented during construction. Read on as we explain how to stay safe with piling in mind…

Hard Hats

It doesn’t matter whether you are constructing a residential home or installing its foundation, every construction worker should wear a hard hat at all times. After all, the head is the most vulnerable part of the body and any falling debris could lead to a nasty injury or even put a person in hospital. It certainly isn’t worth the risk and is a basic safety precaution to bear in mind.

On-Site Evaluation

When it comes to piling, there should always be an on-site evaluation carried out before the commencement of any work in order to ensure that the ground is safe to work on and determine the most suitable type of foundation to implement. One of the most dangerous mistakes in piling is a poor evaluation because installing the wrong type of foundation can be costly, time-consuming and even dangerous, especially when the ground isn’t able to support it.

Equipment Inspections

There is a lot of heavy-duty machinery used in piling and it needs to be in tip-top condition to do its job properly. This means that experts should be called out on a routine basis to inspect the mechanics and provide any necessary repairs. After all, there is nothing more dangerous than poorly functioning equipment or machinery that decides to break-down unexpectedly.

A pile driver can reach a height of around 82 ft which means that safety is of the utmost importance on foundational construction sites. After all, they can certainly do a lot of damage if they aren’t placed on steady and solid ground. As the best piling Manchester has to offer, the Rhino Piling team are the industries safest foundational experts with the know-how and experience to navigate even the busiest construction sites! To find out more information, get in contact with a member of the team today.