Reasons to Choose Rhino Piling

When it comes to a project as important as foundations, it is recommended that clients research businesses in order to find the company that is best suited for their project. After all, there are a wide range of dubious and deceitful piling companies offering up their services to gullible customers and delivering poor-quality foundations that often need be replaced. Luckily, the Rhino Piling team are fully certified! Read on as we go over three reasons why we can be trusted to carry out your piling requirements…

Qualified and Experienced Staff

Although trainees and apprentices are an important part of any industry, the Rhino Piling team believe that a project as integral as foundations should be carried out and supervised by an experienced professional. After all, piling is a complicated process and just one mistake can force a team to restart an entire structure from scratch.

Full Project Solutions

There is nothing worse than a company that provides half a service which is why the team here at Rhino Piling are proud to say that we offer full project solutions. This means that we work closely with our clients from the start of their project until the very end in order to gauge their needs, add our experienced input and provide a high-quality and durable piling foundation that ticks every box.

10 Year Guarantee

A well installed piling foundation should last a lifetime as the piles are placed into the more stable, harder soil that is found deep within the earth. This means that any shifting of the softer soil above should not affect the property in the future. With this said, reliability is our philosophy here at Rhino Piling which is why all our foundations come with a 10-year guarantee. This means that customers can contact us within this time period with any arising issues and we will rectify them promptly.

Here at Rhino Piling, we work hard in order to provide our clients with a service that is worthy of their recognition. After all, piling foundations should be structurally sound and crafted with durability in mind in order to provide paying customers with unbeatable value for money. To find out more information about Rhino Piling and what makes us the best piling in Manchester, get in contact with a member of the team and ask about our piling credentials today!