The Signs of Weak Soil

Building foundations rely on soil stability and this means that weak soil can halt a project permanently. After all, it is very important to take external characteristics into consideration prior to the commencement of construction in order to provide the best service for the client. Here at Rhino Piling, we are more than qualified to handle problems with foundations that resonate from the soil. Read on as we go over three signs that soil may be weak…


Most of the time, subsidence is caused by the shrinkage of soil which in turn results in movement. When this happens, the foundations of a property that rely on the stability of this soil are affected. After all, it is the soil near the surface that is more likely to suffer from shrinkage when moisture levels change. In fact, something as simple as tree roots or hot weather can cause unusual soil movement such as this.


In order to reuse land, many governments will repurpose ‘brownfield’ land for development. What they fail to mention is that the soil in these areas has often been subjected to years and years’ worth of chemical dumps and may even harbour open air drainage facilities too. As a result, the ground is often too weak to bear the weight of basic foundations that rely on the top soil, causing many problems in the not so distant future.


For many years, mining has taken place underground in order to find and remove vital mineral deposits. Once the excavations cease, the land above is often repurposed, however, the damage is often already done as the mining work makes the soil unstable. In fact, it is not uncommon for properties built on this type of land to suffer from sudden and unpredictable subsidence.

When it comes to the foundations of a property, it is important that they are strong enough to bear the weight of a structure for a considerable number of years. With this said, unexpected soil movement can lead to subsidence and many other serious issues that require immediate treatment in order to save the foundations of a property Luckily, pile foundations can be used in order to bypass weaker soil in order to place the weight of a property on the stronger and more compact soil deep within the earth. To find out more information about our services, get in contact with the best Piling Manchester has to offer and speak to a member of the Rhino Piling team today!