Using Water Pumps in Deep Foundation Piling

Deep foundation piling is a method of providing a sturdy and rigid foundation for a building by installing “piles” – long vertical stilts or supports that are driven down through the soft topsoil to rest on more solid earth or rock layers underneath. Piling has been around since the dawn of human civilisation and the earliest known evidence of building homes on top piles predates history itself! Since those ancient times plenty of differing methods and techniques have been created to pile or assist in the piling process. One example of this is mini piling, using piles that are shorter in length to allow for greater flexibility in installation! But did you know that water pumps can be utilised in foundation piling? Let’s have a quick look at a couple of the ways water pumps can be used to assist piling projects!

Pile Cropping

Once installed in the group, some piles need cropping in order to allow pile caps to be installed, or pile beams to be constructed. This must be done without damaging the concrete below the cut as to not weaken the piles and jeopardise the integrity of the foundations! Traditional approaches would physically cut the piles with tools like jackhammers, but high-pressure water jets can achieve a much cleaner cut with no damage below the line!

Cleaning Piling Rigs

Piling rigs are used to drill or drive piles deep into the ground, and these are often filled with liquid concrete afterwards. Often, due to the nature of the industry, concrete is known to be left inside the piling rig accidentally, allowing it to dry and harden. Once it has done this it is incredibly difficult to remove, but with a highly pressurised water demolition jet, you can peel that concrete off your rig without damaging the machinery!

Pile Boring

Most piles are driven or drilled into the ground, but many piles require a hole to be bored into the ground first before it can be place in the earth. There are many methods of achieving this, but one cutting-edge technique it to utilise ultra-high-Hyundai water pumps to cut into the earth, which displaces and disturbs less soil than other methods! However, ensure that your site has adequate drainage to allow the excess water to escape.

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