What Are Mini Piles

There are many ways to strengthen a building’s foundations – but none are as effective and versatile as piling. Piling comes in a range of forms, but mini piling has become a popular choice in recent years, especially when it comes to domestic applications.


Piling is necessary for a number of different construction projects to succeed. If you are building a large structure or adding an extension or basement to your home, piling will be required to secure the load and make sure everything is safe. It has become a popular choice for underpinning an existing building to counter subsidence problems.

Piles are inserted by either driving, where the pile displaces the soil, and boring, where a hole is made for the concrete or grout to be poured into.

Mini Piling

Mini piling is a variation on piling that uses a narrower diameter. This makes them light and inexpensive whilst still being able to support considerably heavy loads.

For the most common type of mini piling a hollow steel shaft is screwed or drilled into the ground. On top of this, grout or concrete is poured in for the pile, while the soil is supported throughout by the steel shaft. Unlike traditional boring methods, no extra supports are needed, even in weaker, looser soil.

In construction sites where there is limited headroom, sectional auger mini piles can be used. This involves boring down and adding multiple flight sections as you go. The sections can either be removed or left in place while pouring the concrete depending on the soils stability.

Which Is Best?

Each construction job may require a different type of piling and unfortunately there is no one-size-fits-all method.  Each various technique has advantages for different situations, but mini piling does have an advantage in particular cases: where the piling needs to be carried out in a confined space as the equipment required is significantly smaller than what is required for general piling.

It is also useful for built up areas as it causes less noise and vibrations while still producing secure foundations.

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