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What Is Mini Piling and Where Is It Used?

By 22/06/2023June 28th, 2023No Comments

While there are many different foundation methods and techniques, none are as versatile and effective as piling at creating a long lasting, robust foundation.

Piling is a type of foundation which is used to support large and heavy structures. Piling is a very dynamic construction technique, with new methods developed and used all throughout history. One example of these are mini piles, becoming popular for mostly domestic applications such as housing.

The main aspect of mini piling is that the piles have a smaller diameter than normal piles. This makes them considerably cheaper and more lightweight, while also maintaining the ability to support considerably heavy loads. When the construction site has limited headroom, mini piling is the ideal option.

While mini piling has many different variations, the most common method is to screw, drill or bore a hollow steel shaft into the ground. To further increase the strength of the pile, grout or concrete is added into the pile, while the soil stays supported by the steel shaft. Unlike other boring methods, extra supports are not needed, decreasing the cost significantly, even in loose or weak soil.

Each type of mini piling is used for specific conditions, but mini piling does have a clear advantage compared to other types of piles: where the piling needs to be set in a confined space, mini piling is superior due to the much smaller equipment required.

The main advantages to mini piling include:

  • Less noise and vibrations on the site and nearby
  • Usable with weak or loose soil
  • Cheaper and lighter than traditional piling methods
  • Able to be used in smaller spaces
  • Smaller and cheaper equipment can be used
  • Less materials like concrete and steel
  • Less carbon footprint
  • Can be applied near other buildings or in environmentally sensitive areas
  • Can be incorporated to other buildings to reinforce or repair existing foundation
  • Able to withstand significant tension and compression

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